The Curriculum and Training Team

A very strong educational focus with our feet firmly planted in the music industry.

The Advisory Board


Experts in a variety of fields helping assure Push The Sound provides excellence to clients in all facets of our educational offerings.

Board Members

Joshua Durand - HR and Diversity Advisor, Tecomet

Heidi Pauer - Curriculum Administrator, Bow High School

Joseph Hanks Jr. - Music Technology Instruction Advisor, Wasatch Academy

Tiffany Eddy - Media/Communications Advisor,

Rob Kirscht - Web Development & IT Advisor, Robert Kirscht Consulting

Jarrett Duncan - Legal Advisor, RS Oncology LLC and School Board Member

Clement Madden - Facilities Advisor, JCM Management Company, Inc. and School Board Member

Adrian Teodor - Graphics and Branding Advisor, Submillimetre