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Push The Sound provides a hands-on curriculum (including video tutorials and assignments/solutions), with courses culminating in a final song project.  The program can easily be integrated into either a remote, hybrid or in-class learning model and encourages individual creativity in the musical style(s) of the students' choosing while meeting national music competency standards for students up to Grade 12.

As the production programs utilized in the first course are browser-based, the only requirement for students is a computer and an internet connection. The program is meant to be accessible to anyone who has an interest in music  and all of the possibilities music production has to offer, regardless of formal music training/background.

Instructors can utilize the program as its own course or, due to its modular nature, use modules to integrate into their own courses.   The courses are taught by an international team of music producers releasing music on some of the most highly-regarded independent labels around.

We're here to help during in the uncertain educational landscape, regardless of whether schools have available budget this year or not.

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Modular Format

Students can take Melody and Drum modules in the order they choose depending on how they prefer to begin composing songs.  Let students learn the way that suits them best.

2 Specializations

Students can customize their courses by choosing from a Music Production or a Composition path.  Each path satisfies the National Core Arts Standards for music.

Ready to Teach

an eTextbook, a comprehensive library of video tutorials/lectures, and all assignments are provided in our curriculum packages.  Options include teacher and student support and training. 

Here's the outline of the introductory course, which any student can join regardless of musical background.

Introduction to Music Production

Course Framework and Details

Length of Course:  1 semester

Credit Recommendation:  0.5 Credits

Approximate Class Hours:  63

Music Competency Requirements Met:  All 2014 NAfME Music Technology Standards for Grade 12

Equipment Required for Course:  Computer and Internet Connection, MIDI Keyboard (optional), Smartphone for recording into Soundtrap app (optional)

Software Applications:  Soundtrap, Noteflight (optional)

Course Overview:

The Core

  • Genres and Tempo
  • History of Computers in Music Production
  • Introduction to the Music Business
  • Understanding and Tracing Your Musical Influences
  • Creativity and Ideas/Concepts for Song Construction
  • Learning to use Soundtrap
  • Mood and Key in music

Applied Music Production (with Soundtrap)

Module A:  Drums

Module B:  Melody


Arrangements and Transitions

Effects and Automation

Specialization 1:  Composition (with Noteflight)

Specialization 2:  Music Production



Field Recordings / Sampling


Post Production:  EQ/Mixdowns

Final Project Presentation:  Completed Song

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