Every Student is a Musician

Push The Sound provides customized music curriculum resources and support services to schools as well as professional development opportunities to educators.  We are dedicated to ensuring every student has access to top flight music programming through music technology, regardless of musical or financial background.


Music Technology in Schools

More than ever before, students are connecting to music through technology. Push The Sound helps educators connect to students through a curriculum designed to appeal to students' modern musical interests.


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This is NOT Music As Usual

 In our quest for equity in music education, our course models and instructional design ensure there are almost no obstacles for students in learning music production.  We help unleash creativity and confidence with both new and experienced young musicians, whether through in-class, remote or hybrid delivery models.  

We Work With Schools

Our Mission

Learn more about our mission of reaching equity in music education, supporting schools in our uncertain educational landscape and our dedication to remote and flexible learning models... all while meeting national music competency standards.   Every child should have an opportunity to become a musician and we're here to make that happen.

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Industry Experts That Make Music

Our international team consists of musicians, producers and educators with a passion for teaching.  We are on the forefront of modern music production and teach the newest techniques from modern music genres with a solid grounding in music theory and best practices.  We make music and we help our students do the same.

Our Team Bios


We can help schools create modern, engaging music programs for every student, no matter their background. We want to know about your needs. We can help in this uncertain educational landscape.


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